“The Success of a Business is based on the Choices of its Leaders.”


Such a simple statement. Yet so true!

Leaders need to purposefully choose not only what strategic plans to develop, but how they behave and what organization and culture to put in place to grow the business and maximize employee engagement. 


Choice Executive Solutions focuses on helping business leaders and leadership teams make the right choices to get the results they want.

I have helped many leaders over the years make key choices to get stellar results.     

 Examples include:   

  • Turning around a flailing cosmetic brand in Japan by working with category leadership to focus their plans – returning to profitability in two years
  • Increasing a leader’s understanding of how his ‘poison pen letters’ and sarcasm were holding him back and how to communicate to be more effective
  • Improving speed to launch by helping global R&D team members collaborate better
  • Creating a new vision and employee engagement plan to generate more breakthrough product development
  • Building a leader’s ability to leverage his style to influence his Board of Directors


With a background in executive coaching, organizational development, change management, and strategic planning, I am highly skilled at helping companies grow and succeed. Most importantly, I work with businesses to:

  • Develop leaders who are visionary and know how to align and mobilize their employees
  • Transform cultures and behaviors to promote maximum employee engagement
  • Build high performing work teams to establish and accomplish goals
  • Handle major transitions like acquisitions or divestitures smoothly and effectively to enable company success

Net, I help businesses and leaders meet today’s challenges while positioning themselves for further growth.


With my proprietary CHOICE framework, I take a systematic and fully integrated approach to developing the leaders, teams and organizations to accomplish business goals.

I look forward to simply and powerfully helping your leaders and your business grow to the next level.

Wishing you the Best Always,

Denise Yosafat