Change Management

Denise works with companies going through major changes like acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures. Upheavals bring major challenges that need to be carefully planned and executed to minimize drama and keep the organization focused on building the business.

There are several essential components in a successful change management process, including:


      • Assessing the readiness for change

      • Strategic, financial, and cultural analysis

      • Setting clear goals of what the change will bring

      • Anticipating and handling resistance

      • Building advocacy and momentum

      • Communicating the change upfront and throughout

      • Creating change teams to work on designated parts

      • Retaining key people

      • Fostering success in new roles

      • Building relationships

      • Tracking progress

      • Celebrating wins

Denise helps leaders better plan for the change and put people and processes in place to create smoother transitions. Throughout the change, she works with leadership and various teams to help them move forward toward the future state they want to achieve.

If you would to discuss how Denise can help you better manage a change your company is considering or currently experiencing, please click here to contact Denise today.