Executive Coaching

Denise coaches executives who want to develop to meet the challenges of their current role and/or prepare themselves to reach higher levels.  

She specializes in transformational coaching – finding the key levers that will move you to attain personal and business success.  Looking at behaviors, limiting beliefs, and skills, Denise will help you build on your strengths as well as improve in a select few areas to achieve your goals.

Denise starts the executive coaching relationship by getting to know you. What are your objectives and goals? What does success look like? What does your leadership role demand of you? And what challenges are you facing?

This is often followed up with one or more assessments to understand your strengths better and any key select opportunity area(s) or blind spots. Followed by a plan of action for professional growth.

The executive coaching experience is customized to your needs. Common themes include career growth, relationship building, refining communication skills, strengthening problem solving, heightening the ability to engage and mobilize employees, modifying self perceptions that are holding you back, and improving influence skills.

Engagements usually last a minimum of six months to allow time to make and measure progress. They can take place in person, by phone or by Skype, or a combination of them, dependent on what works best to meet the needs.

The Executive Coach relationship is built upon a firm foundation of trust, which includes strict confidentiality. With this, the client must agree to:

      • Commitment to the goals they establish
      • Accountability to put in the time and effort to work towards them
      • Willingness to openly discuss even sensitive issues, and
      • An appreciation for having a ‘thought facilitator’ to use as a sounding board and to fearlessly move them forward

If you are interested in learning more, please click here to contact Denise today.