Executive Coaching

Denise helps clients create change from within to make them more impactful and successful as leaders. She is focused on helping people “thrive” which is defined as being accomplished in ‘however they define success’ while also feeling content.

Denise approaches coaching with two lenses – skillset and mindset. First, by looking at the skills needed in their particular role or future ones to be successful. And then, by looking at the mindset that will help them maximize those skills. She will help clients see blind spots, question their self-limiting beliefs and often faulty assumptions, and help them build a positive approach to handling even the biggest challenges.

Denise has worked with leaders to help them be more
effective in several different areas including:

    • Executive Presence
    • Leadership Agility
    • Life Balance
    • Resiliency
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Team Leadership
    • Time Management
    • Accountability
    • Alignment
    • Change Management
    • Collaboration
    • Communication
    • Conflict Management
    • Decision Making