Meeting Design & Facilitation

Denise will help you design your meeting more deliberately to achieve your desired outcomes. Her facilitation ensures the meetings stay on course, with everyone’s voice heard, and full participation in decision making. She fosters a climate of respect, support, and collaboration.

Meeting design and facilitation separates the process of running the meeting from the content. Content is what gets discussed and decisions that are made in the meeting. Process is how the discussion flows and the decisions are made. Often organizations and teams need skilled facilitators to handle the process so they can better focus on the content.

Denise will begin by working with you on creating an agenda that will lead to the desired meeting outcome. As a skilled facilitator, Denise will play a key role in guiding the participants toward the desired outcomes. She uses proven techniques to:

      • Keep the meeting moving

      • Include everyone in the conversation

      • Clarify how decisions will be made

      • Handle difficult situations or conflict, and

      • Ensure there is clear accountability for next steps after the meeting.

Whether it is one meeting, a series of meetings, or an offsite or retreat, Denise will work with you to best plan how to meet your desired outcome and to facilitate the process to meet the goal.

If you would like to talk to Denise about meeting design and facilitation, please click here to contact Denise today.