Our Process

Choice Executive Solutions uses a proprietary, intuitive process to improve leadership and business performance.

And, it’s simply a matter of CHOICE.

Companies are built on the Choices of Leaders. Whether choosing what plans to put in place, what culture to foster, what teams to form, how to deal with various issues, how to behave to engage employees, how to maximize team performance, and a number of other uncertainties and demands, executives are making choices every day.

What I have discovered over the years is that each of our Choices has six steps to success, and they simply and powerfully spell out the word CHOICE. As I work with leaders on either their business and/or personal development plans, I keep these six steps in mind to ensure ideas turn to plans, plans turn to action, and action is tracked and adjusted as needed.



CONSCIOUS typically starts with assessing and raising awareness about the current situation. For business plans, for example, a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) may be needed to assess. For personal growth, the analysis may be a 360 verbal and data based profile assessment. There are many different types of assessments dependent on the need. It is a present state analysis.


HOPEFUL is a focus on the future. What do we want to achieve? What are the goals? What does success look like when we achieve it? Again, this might be a business goal or goals, or a leadership or team development goal.


OPEN means looking at different ways to close the gap between the present and future state. What options are there? What other options? This is when divergent thinking is needed to ensure the business and/or leader is considering a range of possibilities.


INFORMED takes us into gathering information needed to make a good decision. What information do we already have about the possibilities? What needs to be collected? How do we collect it? This is the research part of making an informed decision.


CONCLUSIVE is where the rubber hits the road. Converging on the best plan of action to move forward. Being conclusive on what the plan looks like, who’s accountable for what, what needs to be communicated, and what measures are needed to track progress.


EXECUTED means going forth with the plan of action, tracking and making adjustments. Plans that are made and put on a shelf are useless. A choice needs to be executed to be complete.


The end objective is to make sure the client:


    • Makes a few priority choices on where to focus on the business or their own development

    • Builds action plans to achieve them

    • Establishes measures like milestones or other KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

    • Assigns accountability

    • Tracks and Adjusts

    • And most importantly, achieves the goals they set out to accomplish