Testimonials Disclosure

Results from our coaching will vary according to

1) the amount of commitment a person has toward whatever decision they are trying to make

2) the amount of effort put forth to do so.

Any testimonials that will be listed on this website will be from people who have a high level in both these areas and thus make great improvements. There may be some intangible results from our coaching or information provided on this website (e.g. better sense of self-worth, better listening skills, better emotional health, …), and while this site is not measuring those directly, we are fully aware they often exist. Also, while some people will provide testimonials, many want to remain anonymous when it comes to publicly admitting they have or had difficulties making decisions. We fully respect this and will only include testimonials with the permission of individuals who give them. 

The use of the CHOICE methodology, our coaching or any information provided by this website cannot guarantee positive results.  In fact, it’s possible you may at some point feel the new skills or techniques are not working for you, or that you are going backward versus forward. However, when used consistently and with sincerity, the skills and new behaviors learned from this website, the methodology, and coaching, often succeed in helping people live more productive and gratifying lives.