Denise is a superb coach and consultant. She is extremely insightful and asks targeted questions that help spur actions and results.

Bruce P.

I would highly recommend Denise as a coach. She listens and challenges you to think differently. I feel like she has gotten me started on a self-awareness journey in self-improvement. She’s given me the tools to dig into situations and to get what I want and what the organization needs out of them.

Ryan R.

I think I am much more positive and inspiring and take the high road more.  I’m better at setting boundaries and am more reflective in style and approach. I build better bridges with people to collaborate.

Roya B.

I am fortunate to have had Denise as my Executive Coach and highly recommend her to others. From our first meeting I could sense she was going to be a committed advocate for me and my professional journey. Through the months we worked together, she kept us on point with our targeted objectives and was very skilled and pushing me to answer the hard questions with honest answers. She is the consummate professional with the perfect blend of IQ and EQ to help her clients discover their most empowered path.

Katherine M.

Denise has been an incredible coach to me particularly during a challenging time in my career. She really helped me expose my negative chatter and find my own strength and confidence to not only face any challenges in my work/life environment with a calm and thoughtful approach but also view them as opportunities for growth and development.

Christina L.

I can’t say enough good things about my experience working with Denise as my professional coach. I’ve benefitted tremendously.  During our candid sessions, Denise continues to challenge me, and as a result, has provided immeasurable assistance in helping me to grow both professionally and personally.

Sharon C.

Denise is so wonderful; she was a great coach to help me through tough situations while also keeping my development plan top of mind. I’ve gained so much that will carry me through my growth and role as well as apply in general to my life and career. It was game-changing to be able to work with her.  She is a true catalyst for change that anyone in a leadership position and/or with great aspirations will be lucky to have on their side.

Tandis N.

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