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What’s keeping you from having the Career you want? Business success you want? Relationship you want? Life you want?

Our choices shape what we get out of life. And yet they are often hard to make. Sometimes we lack a good process for making them, sometimes the skill or knowledge, and sometimes it is our lack of confidence in what we want – or even in ourselves – that holds us back. 

The Power of CHOICEThe Power of CHOICE deals with all these issues. It gives step-by-step guidance on what needs to be done to move you forward, no matter what kind of change you want to make in your business or personal life. It tackles what is key in each step, and gives helpful exercises to move you forward.  It also helps to realign your thinking so you can continue to move ahead towards what you want no matter what challenges you face. 

My background in strategic planning and organizational development helped me formulate how CHOICE was a six-step process.  And my experience in executive coaching and personal development helped me think through the psychological games we often play with ourselves as we make choices, and how to  avoid or overcome them. The combination is truly powerful!

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